Friday, 1 October 2010


Winter coats are one of the few things that make the dark, cold months between September and March bearable. Kit yourself out with a good wool topper, and the resentment, nay, anger, you feel towards the howling wind and driving rain will be lessened infinitesimaly so that you're not quite crying out loud for the return of summer. (COL...maybe that should be the new 'kool kids' phrase? LOL is clearly so last year).

(You might have gathered that the weather here is shite, although not cold enough yet to warrant the use of my new Topshop coat. In other words, it's the worst of both worlds, but what can you do.) At least it's finally the weekend, so I can wallow in my weather sorrow by drinking hot chocolate and working from the comfort of my own bedroom. Hope you're all blessed by slightly more favourable conditions at present than us poor Londoners!



Luci Ana said...

wooow, gorgeous inspirations!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Gosh I love a good coat with a faux fur russian hat!