Tuesday, 31 August 2010


So happy the sun has decided to grace my last few days of holiday with its presence. Carnival yesterday was amazing-we all bought those sports-teacher whistles and got the weirdest looks walking through Hyde Park afterwards, blowing them every few feet. (Shame on you, if you saw innuendo in that). Bit busy at the moment, desperately trying to sort out all the little things I should have done over the last 9 weeks but never got round to. But here's a list of the things I'm currently keen on:

1. Parkas. I didn't buy into the whole military trend at all over the summer, and I'm now berating myself for not buying any of the olive-green merchandise on sale at Topshop last month.

2. Socks. I think they can only be worn with heels, and seeing as I never wear heels it doesn't look like I'll be wearing (conspicuous) socks anytime soon, but I can still appreciate them on those who do wear them.

3. Biker jackets. (As always). Actually today I ordered a faux-leather shearling jacket from River Island (to my intense depression and head-hitting self-directed anger the Topshop one I saw back at the start of August was sold out). Here's hoping it's nice...

4. Big baggy sweatshirts. I currently have 2, both white, both recently sequestered from my mum's wardrobe. Perfect for wearing with jeans, shorts, leggings...Basically anything except the trackies they were originally designed to accompany.

4. Backpacks. I salute anyone who can pull a rucksack off without looking like an ill-informed kid on the first day of secondary school, although the burgeoning number of 'cool' bags out there is steadily increasing, so perhaps I should change down my salute for a more restrained nod.

5. Ultra-short, bum-cheek-revealing denim cut-offs. What, you didn't think I'd compile a list solely of winter/multi-seasonal items, did you?

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Saturday, 28 August 2010


I realised I post a lot of red-related photos. I don't wear much red, really-I have one grotty tank top I use for training in, but that's about it-it's just a colour I really like on other people. Red is a colour which stands for so much-love, revenge, anger, heat, danger...(Plus, it's easy to spot when I'm scrolling through the gazillions of photos I have saved on the computer!).

Tomorrow I'm going to the Notting Hill Carnival with a friend, so probably no posting. Hope you all had a good weekend. (And enjoy the extra free day if you're in England-yay for Bank Holidays!).

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There was a post on The Sartorialist the other day about how France's cafe culture (you know: Ernest-Hemingway-style roadside eateries where you can sit for hours watching the world pass you by) has already been broken apart by the omnipresent arm of Starbucks (seriously, if we're not careful it's actually going to take over the world), and Italy will soon be following. Now, I can't exactly say yea or nay to this as I'm not an expert on the coffee culture of either country-or indeed England, while we're at it: I never ever drink coffee or tea; I just don't like it-but I do love cafes of any type where you can just go and sit and grab something to occupy your hands with and relax doing whatever you feel like doing. If you sat on a bench by yourself people would think you were a tramp, or, even worse, a loner, but sit alone in a cafe and you merely render yourself mysterious, sophisticated. (Or a victim of mass-market consumerism, if we're talking about Starbucks/Pret/Costa etc., but who's counting).

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Friday, 27 August 2010


I got my new winter coat yesterday! This Topshop one-a grey military pea coat. Or should I say ultimate pea coat-for that is how it's described online. Noice. (<--Not a typo-this is the sarcastic tone my friends and I use on occasion. I thought it was time we introduced this phenomenon to the greater population).

It was a source of great sadness to me that my lovely H & M navy military coat (fairly similar to this one in fact, as coats go anyway) was stolen last winter not long after I bought it, and I had to live out the rest of the winter in:
-My puffy red 'country' jacket (which when layered over a hoodie and cardigan, as is necessary in the winter, made my arms ridiculously thick and immobile so that I was forced to walk around with them sticking out at weird angles)
-This massively oversized chunky cardigan with a flower pattern knitted in. Sounds ironically chic, and I thought so too for a while, but coming back to it this year made me realise just...no.

Anyway, so now I have a nice new coat! Which came in handy yesterday as on my way across Hungerford Bridge to the National Theatre (I saw Alan Bennett's 'The Habit of Art', really good play-I recommend it if you're in London and at a loose end, as they have tickets from £10) I got caught in a sudden downpour and my tank top suddenly became very inadequate. I was going to go into a massive spiel about Topshop now, and coats (not necessarily Topshop coats, just in general), but I'll save them for laterrz.

It reminds me of this Burberry look. It kind of has the same silhouette when you don't button it up.

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Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Phew. Can you say relief? Spent a very happy post-results day with friends, relaxing at various houses and then heading out to Hyde Park for a bit, doing the obligatory wandering around aimlessly because we'd all failed to organise anything efficiently, and then ending up in a sweet little local pub where the barman and his old cronies chatted up us girls when they could and kept offering the guys more rounds. Nothing amazingly exciting, but I think this is what my life will be like for the next year or two, as opposed to the whole underage party scene which goes on in London too-and I'm perfectly happy with that. Having friends you're happy to spend time with is the most important thing.

This is how I want to spend my last week of holidays now-just chillin' and enjoying life at its best and most uncomplicated.

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Monday, 23 August 2010


GCSE results tomorrow. I don't know how I'm going to sleep, and there's no question of pulling an all nighter cos results aren't given out in school till 11. I'm really really hoping that I'll be jumping for joy (see relevant happy picture) rather than crying in the school toilets...Meanwhile I'm distracting myself with One Tree Hill in an attempt to lose myself in lives which are much more intricate and interesting than my own.



I love how when you hold a handful of flowers they feel so light, and yet so substantial.

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