Saturday, 28 August 2010


I realised I post a lot of red-related photos. I don't wear much red, really-I have one grotty tank top I use for training in, but that's about it-it's just a colour I really like on other people. Red is a colour which stands for so much-love, revenge, anger, heat, danger...(Plus, it's easy to spot when I'm scrolling through the gazillions of photos I have saved on the computer!).

Tomorrow I'm going to the Notting Hill Carnival with a friend, so probably no posting. Hope you all had a good weekend. (And enjoy the extra free day if you're in England-yay for Bank Holidays!).

(;;;;;;; own scan;; own scan;;;;


Jess said...

Love the editorial pics in this series of images. Lara looks especially amazing.


what a great mix of pictures! come follow me xoxo