Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Another Topshop collage. My denim collection is pitiful-no denim jacket or shirt, one pair of shorts and two pairs of jeans (one of which is black). Methinks I need to up the stakes a bit...

(The dress, by the way, has a really cool back which I couldn't fit in because it would have mucked up the super complicated layout-but if, like me, you know your way around the Topshop online store rather too well then maybe you might like to take a look).


I often think about which period of history I would choose to be reborn in, if I had the choice. Roman comes out top quite a lot of the time, probably because they were actually fairly advanced in their knowledge of sanitation etc.; however, on days when I'm in a less practical mood I swing from Tudor times all the way through to the early nineteenth century-purely because of the amazing dresses women wore back then. The floaty white dresses of Austen fame, with pastel coloured ribbons around the empire line and lace fripperies everywhere, tend to win over the heavy brocade contraptions of earlier centuries-how amazing would it be to wander around like a wood nymph the whole time with gauzy skirts brushing your legs?

There have been a lot of long white dresses around recently-Rodarte A/W '10 anyone?-which makes me mildly jealous towards the people who get to wear them, but also just gives me a little happy glow inside. I love it when fashion veers towards good old period costume. There was a fair amount of criticism about the latest Dior couture collection, for example, which was rather on the costumey side, but personally I don't think it has any basis-no, there aren't people who wear that kind of stuff any more, but if couture moved with the times as ready-to-wear has done then a whole arc of craftsmanship and imagination would be completely lost. Some things have to look backwards instead of forwards, even in the crazily future-orientated fashion world.

1. Timothy Barnes
2. Susan Eldridge
3. Rony Shram
4. Lauren Ward
5. Laura Sciacovelli
6. ?
7. Josh Olins
8. ?
9. Henrik Bulow
10. Guy Aroch
11. David Bellemere
12. Chris Nicholls
13. Alix @ The Cherry Blossom Girl
14. Camilla Akrans

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Three perfect examples of black leather shorts worn in the winter cold. I want a pair so bad, but I know I would just look like a hooker. There are some fashion items that can't be worn by people outside the fashion industry-clogs, anyone?-and while leather shorts do have a crossover potential they're not the kind of thing that can be worn by a teenager on a day to day basis-kind of ironic seeing as they're definitely an item of clothing that is linked to rebellious youth! (Plus, you know, you have to have properly good legs to look good in a pair of these things).


Sunday, 28 March 2010


WOOOOOOO HOLIDAYS!! Finally! Not even the prospect of 3 weeks of revision can dampen my spirits in any way. Looking forward to catching up on over a month's worth of sleep deprivation, a.k.a. having to wake up to an alarm every single morning including weekends (stupid rowing...).



No, I did not spend my Sunday afternoon browsing the whole of the Topshop website, marking all the clothes I liked, realising that an awful lot of them shared the same colour scheme, making them into a collage on paint, and then looking through to find accessories which shared the colour scheme and could fill the awkward gaps left after I'd pasted all the clothes in...

...because that would be incredibly sad and procrastinatory.

Monday, 22 March 2010


Sorry for the total lack of posts this past week-end of term is almost upon us and with that comes music exams, concerts and a ramped up work schedule as the teachers frantically try to finish off the GCSE syllabus before we go away. Ideas of summer have become a final straw to clutch at mentally in dull lessons/while having panic attacks/and just generally most of the time. Fashion has been put on the back burner until I can keep my eyes open long enough to read a whole blog post. (OK, so maybe it was a bit stupid to sneak out last night after going to bed really early...(First time I'd done it, and possible the most nerve racking experience of my life, no joke)). But here's a selection of snaps that encapsulates very successfully the kind of life I wish I was living right now, instead of the real one I'm plodding along with.


Monday, 15 March 2010


I don't have the heart to post random photos which are not even vaguely, slightly connected. Plus searching through looking for photos with a common theme is a great time waster and it seems that the faster GCSEs approach, the more procrastinatory I become. I'm actually beginning to be thankful I don't have a laptop, because the extra hours I would waste if I owned one make me shudder just to think of them. (That sentence was appallingly constructed. Apologies if you read it).

Can we now take a moment to appreciate the girls who have the time and ability to lie around looking beautiful in the sun. (When I lie down, all my face flab sort of sinks onto itself so my face goes really weirdly shaped and I look like an alien. This is especially enhanced if I hang upside down, because my cheeks obey the force of gravity to such an extent that they enroach upon my eyes, which duly shrink in size until I resemble a pig more than a girl. It's not pretty.).

1. Waldemar Hansson and Max Moden
2. Mario Sorrenti
3. Mario Sorrenti
4. ?
5. ?
6. Fiona Ruhe
7. ?
8. David Bellemere

(;;; own scan;

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Personally I'm not much of a jewellery person. In general my style is very laid back and I can't be bothered (in other words-I forget) to co-ordinate jewellery with clothes while considering the occasion I'm wearing it to. (Long shopping trip wearing multiple charm bracelets=embarrassing moments in fitting rooms when your wrist snags on the gossamer-thin, holey knit jumper, for example).

However, recently I've become rather inspired to increase my ring collection (current size-a massive 2 rings languishing on my chest of drawers), purely through seeing other bloggers/people in blogs wearing them to great effect. I don't know why, but a hand piled with rings just looks really regal, and you can emphasise this by waving your hands languidly around a lot while talking. (I have inherited the habit from both my parents of using my hands loads-and really unneccessarily-while I speak. So you see why rings are suddenly so appealing to me.). I'm not a fan of those really massive rings that are basically a substitute for knuckledusters; however on my last trip to Topshop I got sucked into the Freedom jewellery stands-their pieces are really pretty this season; all flowery and cute. I haven't actually bought any yet, purely because it completely goes against my rather miserly nature to buy a bit of metal for £5+, so I'm going to try and shop around for some cheaper alternatives before returning to Teenage Mecca to stock up.

Rings from