Sunday, 14 March 2010


Personally I'm not much of a jewellery person. In general my style is very laid back and I can't be bothered (in other words-I forget) to co-ordinate jewellery with clothes while considering the occasion I'm wearing it to. (Long shopping trip wearing multiple charm bracelets=embarrassing moments in fitting rooms when your wrist snags on the gossamer-thin, holey knit jumper, for example).

However, recently I've become rather inspired to increase my ring collection (current size-a massive 2 rings languishing on my chest of drawers), purely through seeing other bloggers/people in blogs wearing them to great effect. I don't know why, but a hand piled with rings just looks really regal, and you can emphasise this by waving your hands languidly around a lot while talking. (I have inherited the habit from both my parents of using my hands loads-and really unneccessarily-while I speak. So you see why rings are suddenly so appealing to me.). I'm not a fan of those really massive rings that are basically a substitute for knuckledusters; however on my last trip to Topshop I got sucked into the Freedom jewellery stands-their pieces are really pretty this season; all flowery and cute. I haven't actually bought any yet, purely because it completely goes against my rather miserly nature to buy a bit of metal for £5+, so I'm going to try and shop around for some cheaper alternatives before returning to Teenage Mecca to stock up.

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