Monday, 22 March 2010


Sorry for the total lack of posts this past week-end of term is almost upon us and with that comes music exams, concerts and a ramped up work schedule as the teachers frantically try to finish off the GCSE syllabus before we go away. Ideas of summer have become a final straw to clutch at mentally in dull lessons/while having panic attacks/and just generally most of the time. Fashion has been put on the back burner until I can keep my eyes open long enough to read a whole blog post. (OK, so maybe it was a bit stupid to sneak out last night after going to bed really early...(First time I'd done it, and possible the most nerve racking experience of my life, no joke)). But here's a selection of snaps that encapsulates very successfully the kind of life I wish I was living right now, instead of the real one I'm plodding along with.


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