Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I went around in the happiest mood today because it was sunny and warm (10 degrees...wow, we're getting positively Scandinavian in our views on the weather!) for the second day in a row. It's weird and slightly depressing how much your state of mind becomes affected by the weather, but after the worst winter I can remember in a long time I've started to wonder if maybe global warming has taken its toll and we're never going to experience summer again, just endless, endless rain. But today proved me wrong. The feeling of being outside in only a shirt and being comortable was so alien, and set my mind racing off with thoughts of English summer-not the traditional ones people always go on about (rain, always), but late afternoon when the sun's low in the sky and the heat of the day's receded to leave only a pleasant warmth, and you can sit outside in the park for hours chatting until it gets cold and you need to throw on an extra jumper. On those types of days London becomes magical wherever you are.

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