Monday, 15 March 2010


I don't have the heart to post random photos which are not even vaguely, slightly connected. Plus searching through looking for photos with a common theme is a great time waster and it seems that the faster GCSEs approach, the more procrastinatory I become. I'm actually beginning to be thankful I don't have a laptop, because the extra hours I would waste if I owned one make me shudder just to think of them. (That sentence was appallingly constructed. Apologies if you read it).

Can we now take a moment to appreciate the girls who have the time and ability to lie around looking beautiful in the sun. (When I lie down, all my face flab sort of sinks onto itself so my face goes really weirdly shaped and I look like an alien. This is especially enhanced if I hang upside down, because my cheeks obey the force of gravity to such an extent that they enroach upon my eyes, which duly shrink in size until I resemble a pig more than a girl. It's not pretty.).

1. Waldemar Hansson and Max Moden
2. Mario Sorrenti
3. Mario Sorrenti
4. ?
5. ?
6. Fiona Ruhe
7. ?
8. David Bellemere

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