Sunday, 25 April 2010


It amuses me somewhat to see dogs in editorials. In some it looks passably natural but there are others where it's clear the model's really uncomfortable with dogs and it just looks awkward! (Easily amused, me? Never...) Hope everyone has a good day, the sun's back again which automatically makes it better!

And how could I not include my own dog in the roll call? She, of course, is prettier than any of those fashion mutts...



The symbol of summer...

I actually tried both the Topshop tops on but unfortunately I didn't have the money spare to buy them :( The one on the left would be the most perfect over-bikini top ever though. I need to find a decent beach cover up before the summer rush goes and the shops end up looking like a crowd of fashion hornets swarmed through and took all the good stock. It does happen. At least I was organised and got my bikini early this year though!



Shots from our garden. Already some of the blossom trees are starting to lose their petals so I'm glad I caught these at their best.

Saturday, 24 April 2010


The stunning Miroslava Duma wore multiple block-red outfits this past fashion week, causing me to contemplate for a while the brighter clothes languishing in the bottom of my chest of drawers (sound so much less impressive than a wardrobe...why is that?) before turning yet again to my trusty greys and navys. In an industry where so many people wear black, constantly, accessorised with dashes of black and the occasional hint of black, it's so refreshing to see such bright colours turning up on the streetstyle blogs.

Actually I'm a big fan of her style in general-maybe I'll do one of those 'someone whose style I ah-dore right now' posts sometime, only that would require a fair amount of time and dedication which I currently don't have...


Friday, 23 April 2010


Right now my brain is so frazzled from trying to cram my head full of German oral answers that I doubt I'll be posting anything very coherent over the weekend. Lots of lovely photos probably. I've got to the stage where any moment not spent revising racks me with guilt...but I continue to watch Glee (guilty pleasure I discovered in the holidays, also while putting off revision)/eat the food my mother has so thoughtfully stocked all our cupboards with. (Not working is just like eating crap-you feel guilty as hell while doing it but the pleasure far outweight the instant regret you feel as soon as you finish. Or this is my conclusion anyway.).


Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I had a very enjoyable shopping trip the other day (will post some photos later...if I get round to it...) although as I was with my mother I sadly did not get to do any browsing-her idea of shopping is to enter a shop, scan it with her laser eyes for whatever we are trying to find, and then exit immediately if at first glance she does not see what she came for. Of course, being on Oxford Street, this method tended not to work (because, you know, there's that whole multiple floor thing most shops have going on these days) so I had to go in for a bit of speedy shopping coaching.

However this did mean that on entering Topshop we spent a few minutes racing round the accessories floor at breakneck speed while she bemoaned the apparent lack of any clothing. Other than noticing in a sort of haze (as I always do when I visit Topshop) that there was amazing stock, my eye did pick out this messenger bag which I fell in love with but sadly did not have time to even touch lovingly for more than a second. As we plunged into the basement I realised why I fell in love with so's remarkably similar to Mulberry's Alexa bag which is right up there with a 2.55 on my list of dream arm candy. Sadly, at £85, I'm about as likely to end up getting my hands on this as I am on a real Mulberry, but even's nice to know the alternative's out there!


Monday, 19 April 2010


Why is it that if I wore khaki from head to toe in the desert like this I would either:
a) Look like I was channelling some weird female version of action man (there's probably a much better pop culture reference out there but my mum never let us watch much tv when I was little), or
b) Get tons of sand stuck to my suncream and blown into my hair in about 2 seconds?

Ah, life is so unfair.

But aside from the normal model jealousy, these are pretty great photos as far as editorials go. The general feeling has been a bit 'ah, enough of these safari shoots already', and I agree that it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes to have the same idea presented again and again in fairly similar formats. But each photographer, model and stylist brings something a bit different to every shoot which means you can appreciate every one in a different way. (Wow, I sound like an advert for diversity. It's the afterglow of a day at school where I wasn't walking around like a zombie all day from lack of sleep. It won't last...).



I know Spring has finally arrived but there are some seriously good looks in here that don't deserve to wait for next winter.

Last day of the holidays today-Mutti is taking me shopping on Oxford Street as a reward for revision :) Hope everyone enjoys the sun!



As photographed by Eleanor Hardwick, who incidentally was featured in British Vogue this month as a sort of 'young women to watch' thing. Increasingly Jack Wills is marketing themselves as a lifestyle brand, not just purveyors of overpriced sloaney clothes, and I have to say, if buying their clothes meant that I could spend my summer like this then I might think diferently about forking out 40 quid for a logo tee...

(Also sorry about the appalling photo quality, had to take screen shots off their website but you can see better versions here).

And you know how I always go on about how she reminds me of Tim Walker? Well...

(; own scan)