Saturday, 17 April 2010


Generally I'm more of a fan of 'real life' editorials-ones with more of a story, set outside or in rooms with a bit of furniture instead of a blank backdrop. This is for a number of reasons, I think-studio shoot after studio shoot can frankly become boring, while the variety of outdoor shoots makes them more interesting to see. Plus, I personally find it catches my imagination more to see clothes in interaction with even a vague suggestion of normal life-fashion is isolated from the real world enough as it is, and shooting perfectly wearable jeans and suits in pristine studios sometimes seems to me a waste of good clothes.

However, this isn't to say that there aren't any studio shoots which can capture the imagination-indeed, sometimes the almost clinical precision of the lighting and contrast of clothes and stark background can provide the most aesthetically pleasing experience of all, especially in black and white. And so here is a (small) selection from my photo folder which is growing worryingly fast and will soon require a whole hard drive of its own...

1. Wee Khim
2. Viki Forshee
3. Tiziano Magni
4. Sol Sanchez
5. Ryan Yoon
6. Richard Bush
7. Nico
8. Nacho Ricci
9. Matteo Montanari
10. Mateusz Stankiewicz
11. Mario Testino
12. Krzysztof Herholdt
13. ?
14. Karl Lagerfeld
15. Kai Z Feng
16. Jason Lee Parry
17. ?
18. ?
19. ?
20. Hedi Slimane
21. Dusan Reljin
22. Derek Kettela
23. Patrick Demarchelier
24. Patrick Demarchelier
25. David Sims
26. David Roemer
27. Dan Martensen
28. Dancian
29. Chadwick Tyler
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