Monday, 14 September 2009

Clutch It

I totally apologise for my complete absence from the blogsphere...I'm also like 5 days behind on Fashion Weeks and it's tearing my heart out but really what can I do...I have school and rowing and I'm exhausted from having only 90 minutes of sleep on Saturday night and really I shouldn't be on the computer at all but the lure of The Internet is irresistible...anyway so here is a filler post which is an excuse for quality or ignore as you wish.

I kind of love the idea of clutches (they look sooo pretty and ladylike) only they're actually really impractical because on a night out I require more than just a phone and lipgloss. However...see below for a collection of really lovely examples I would not mind downsizing my crap for if I got to carry one of them!

Not included in the main collage is the Alexander McQueen box clutch, which I just love love love. I think it's the simple box shape combined with the really unusual skull clasp. Reeally pretty. Especially the daisy one.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Silver 'n' Sparkles

So basics I found this pretty bangin glittery jacket in the dressing up box the other day. It's got these great padded shoulders and a really unusual square neckline that's just made for framing a nice bit of statement jewellery. I wish I actually went to events where I wouldn't look like a complete idiot turning up in this...

How cute are the buttons? I heart.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

S/S '10-Trendspotting-Snow White

So basics, I'm no fashion editor, but as I flick through the collections even I can occasionally spot recurring I thought it would be fun to highlight what I think might be trends for next season, and see how many of them, if any, actually end up on one of those 'top trends for spring' lists you see everywhere.
Numero uno: all-white. Something I doubt I'll be channelling any time soon, as you need to have beautifully tanned skin for white to look good if you're blonde, and the closest I get to beautifully tanned is gently golden (if I'm lucky). Still, there you go. Since when is fashion practical. (Actually, I say that, but so far all the collections have been extremely wearable-I think I've added at least one look from every collection to my lookbook which is basically my favourites gallery, and in some cases I've added about 15. I know real fashionistas are very sniffy about 'wearability', and instead go into orgasms/tearful fits over Comme des Garcons and their weird belted blankets which pass for clothes, but personally I think 'conceptual fashion' is a bit of a joke and entitles you to pass off clothes which went a bit wrong as 'inspired by the impossibility of creating a stable personal persona in the modern world'. Anyway enough of my rambling).

Prabal Gurung

Cynthia Steffe

Cushnie et Ochs

Jenni Kayne

Friday, 11 September 2009

Bronze Age

Bought Harper's Bazaar yesterday as the first plunge into my insane month of fashion-magazine-buying (I was also really annoyed that my Vogue subscription still hasn't arrived this month-called them up yesterday so hopefully that situation will soon be rectified...). (In passing, I realised that Smiths also sells Pop. Aaah. Another fiver gone.) Anyway, this rather beautiful editorial reminded me so much of the Topshop Unique Fall '09 collection-not for the clothes, but for the make-up. I was slightly skeptical of the whole 'gold lips red eyes' combo-it made them all look a little ill on the runway-but translated onto the pages of a magazine and the look takes on a whole other dimension.

Topshop Unique Fall 2009

UK Harper's Bazaar October 2009
In relation to other topics-sorry for the inexcusable lack of posting over recent weeks, but going back to school has completely sapped my spirit and is fast sapping my spare time too. I know, I know-excuses excuses, right? Well, fashion month is here (yay!) and I am saving a huge 'first look at Spring '10' (how weird does that sound? No more 'oh-_'-now it's just 'ten. eleven. twelve'. Straange) for when I get back from school this afternoon. I have a slightly lazy morning because I have a minor dentists appointment at 9. Didn't get my sleep in though because my sister didn't turn her alarm off properly and it beeped through the wall at me until I was annoyed enough to get out of bed and turn it off myself, at which point the last suggestion of sleep fled completely. Grrr...younger siblings...

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Brighten Up

Back to school, summer is over, it's freezing outside...these brights lift my mood for as long as I keep looking at them (hint-if I was actually wearing them, my mood would be permanently Gucci jacket, anyone?)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Best of 2009

As the s/s '10 shows approach, take a moment to look back at the fashion of 2009...the world may be in the grips of a recession blah blah blah (not being a bill-payer its embarassingly easy to let it all go over my head) but the fashion industry has continued to blossom. It's often difficult, what with all the blogs and magazines one reads, and the pains one takes to look as good as possible all the time, to forget exactly why one loves fashion so much. Sometimes all it takes is a look at catwalk creations like these to remind you.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I painted my nails yesterday, but because my basecoat/topcoat polish is rather old and down to its last dregs it took years to dry, so when I went to bed my nails were still a little sticky...Behold, when I woke up this morning, I had an interesting texture imprinted on them from the blanket!