Monday, 14 September 2009

Clutch It

I totally apologise for my complete absence from the blogsphere...I'm also like 5 days behind on Fashion Weeks and it's tearing my heart out but really what can I do...I have school and rowing and I'm exhausted from having only 90 minutes of sleep on Saturday night and really I shouldn't be on the computer at all but the lure of The Internet is irresistible...anyway so here is a filler post which is an excuse for quality or ignore as you wish.

I kind of love the idea of clutches (they look sooo pretty and ladylike) only they're actually really impractical because on a night out I require more than just a phone and lipgloss. However...see below for a collection of really lovely examples I would not mind downsizing my crap for if I got to carry one of them!

Not included in the main collage is the Alexander McQueen box clutch, which I just love love love. I think it's the simple box shape combined with the really unusual skull clasp. Reeally pretty. Especially the daisy one.

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