Saturday, 12 September 2009

S/S '10-Trendspotting-Snow White

So basics, I'm no fashion editor, but as I flick through the collections even I can occasionally spot recurring I thought it would be fun to highlight what I think might be trends for next season, and see how many of them, if any, actually end up on one of those 'top trends for spring' lists you see everywhere.
Numero uno: all-white. Something I doubt I'll be channelling any time soon, as you need to have beautifully tanned skin for white to look good if you're blonde, and the closest I get to beautifully tanned is gently golden (if I'm lucky). Still, there you go. Since when is fashion practical. (Actually, I say that, but so far all the collections have been extremely wearable-I think I've added at least one look from every collection to my lookbook which is basically my favourites gallery, and in some cases I've added about 15. I know real fashionistas are very sniffy about 'wearability', and instead go into orgasms/tearful fits over Comme des Garcons and their weird belted blankets which pass for clothes, but personally I think 'conceptual fashion' is a bit of a joke and entitles you to pass off clothes which went a bit wrong as 'inspired by the impossibility of creating a stable personal persona in the modern world'. Anyway enough of my rambling).

Prabal Gurung

Cynthia Steffe

Cushnie et Ochs

Jenni Kayne

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