Friday, 11 September 2009

Bronze Age

Bought Harper's Bazaar yesterday as the first plunge into my insane month of fashion-magazine-buying (I was also really annoyed that my Vogue subscription still hasn't arrived this month-called them up yesterday so hopefully that situation will soon be rectified...). (In passing, I realised that Smiths also sells Pop. Aaah. Another fiver gone.) Anyway, this rather beautiful editorial reminded me so much of the Topshop Unique Fall '09 collection-not for the clothes, but for the make-up. I was slightly skeptical of the whole 'gold lips red eyes' combo-it made them all look a little ill on the runway-but translated onto the pages of a magazine and the look takes on a whole other dimension.

Topshop Unique Fall 2009

UK Harper's Bazaar October 2009
In relation to other topics-sorry for the inexcusable lack of posting over recent weeks, but going back to school has completely sapped my spirit and is fast sapping my spare time too. I know, I know-excuses excuses, right? Well, fashion month is here (yay!) and I am saving a huge 'first look at Spring '10' (how weird does that sound? No more 'oh-_'-now it's just 'ten. eleven. twelve'. Straange) for when I get back from school this afternoon. I have a slightly lazy morning because I have a minor dentists appointment at 9. Didn't get my sleep in though because my sister didn't turn her alarm off properly and it beeped through the wall at me until I was annoyed enough to get out of bed and turn it off myself, at which point the last suggestion of sleep fled completely. Grrr...younger siblings...

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