Friday, 28 May 2010


Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had nationals in Nottingham and was pretty shattered by the time I got back. We came second, so combined with the disgusting weather I'm not in the best mood today but it's my birthday tomorrow so at least there's that to look forward to!

Anyway, onto more interesting topics. Fashionista recently wrote about how summer editorials are all fairly identical and boring after a while, so I thought I would investigate. Here is a variety of shots from swimsuit editorials, and while they all look fairly similar, there's definitely enough difference to qualify them all as interesting in their own right. Well, I think so anyway. Anyone else think differently?


Thursday, 27 May 2010


I had the name of this brand saved in my random 'research at some point' file, and when I went on their site I realised I had some old lookbook photos of theirs saved in my editorials folder, not having known the images were in fact from a clothing line. Their clothes seem like your average casualwear, but the photos are so pretty-vaguely reminiscent of fashiontoast for some reason-they're a welcome change from the usual static, staring-at-camera lookbooks of most similar lines.

These are the photos I had saved already-I'm guessing they're from the A/W '09 collection (the ones above are from S/S '10). My excellent cataloguing (spelling?) skills tell me the ones below are by someone called Francisco Garcia, and judging by the similarities between them, I'd say the ones above are by him too.



How do I not own one?! It would be so useful right now, with this weird sunny-but-windy-and-cold weather! But my plan is to wait till the autumn collections hit the high street and then buy one with shearling :) Various bloggers have been posting tantalising hints of their pre-release views of the winter stock and it looks good, so hopefully the wait will be worth it!


Tuesday, 25 May 2010


The weather may be weirdly changeable at the moment, but regardless I'm sure we could all do with some summer dressing inspiration. I find myself becoming deadly boring in the summer (not that I'm wildly exciting in the winter either...) with regards to my dressing, so it's always good to take a look at people with more imagination (and balls) than myself. Any thoughts on the whole knee-high socks look? I actually don't have any shoes with which socks would look appropriate, but I'm not sure I would be daring enough to wear them even if I did...