Friday, 7 May 2010


I love it when something in fashion makes you laugh. Because usually it's an industry that takes itself so seriously-I mean, other people laugh at it, but if you're at all interested you don't, really, because that's kind of rude...There's always something in i-D that makes me laugh, though-guaranteed every single issue. And you know why? Cos it's English. Hell yeah. See the thing is...English people are just funnier. That's the way it is.

Case in point-Nylon TV videos for the Young Hollywood issue. First I sat through a few really teen-America ones of random actresses I've never heard of before (yes, this is what I do on my weekend...) being all, "And I reeeeally love this dreeess, cause it's gaht these reeeeeally cuuuute li'l spaarrrrkles on it," and I'm all, "I'm reeeeeally getting quite annoyed by your voice right now..." Then I found Rupert Grint's, which genuinely made me lol, because he's so your archetypal English student (actually, he reminds me a lot of my cousin), all awkward and with long hair-and he doesn't describe his new film, he describes his pets. Standard. Also Bonnie Wright (who plays Ginny in Harry Potter, see the smooth connection there?) is there-I don't know, maybe it's because the British are so much less skilled at self-publicising, but English people in the media always seem way more genuine. (Or maybe I'm

Well anyway this post really has no point and I was going to insert some of my favourite i-D quotes but that would require a lot of effort and heigh ho I have revision to do so...I shall save that for a later date. But watch the videos if you have time because they're really short and not really about anything, but then nor are most things you watch on YouTube so you might as well.

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