Friday, 7 May 2010


I thought Vogue UK had some good editorials this month but Tom Craig's shoot of Angela Lindvall in Havana was far and away the best I have seen in the magazine for a while. Like his shoot in Damascus with Stella Tennant, the light and warmth is so beautifully brought out, and he doesn't do that annoying thing where he completely isolates the fashion from the background it's set in-while managing also to avoid the patronising 'look I'm posing awkwardly with local people who earn less a year than the price of the top I'm currently wearing' thing which fashion is so good at.

The photo below is my favourite. As soon as I turned the page I was struck by the intense sense of atmosphere-you can literally almost feel the afternoon heat-but if you look close it's actually a really clever piece of compositional work. The scan cut off a bit of the right side, but you still get the sunlight, the opposites of the model and the rocking chair, the double heart ornament straight above her head and the Minnie Mouse doll on top of the television. Little details that make all the difference. Aaah I love it :)


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