Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I had a very enjoyable shopping trip the other day (will post some photos later...if I get round to it...) although as I was with my mother I sadly did not get to do any browsing-her idea of shopping is to enter a shop, scan it with her laser eyes for whatever we are trying to find, and then exit immediately if at first glance she does not see what she came for. Of course, being on Oxford Street, this method tended not to work (because, you know, there's that whole multiple floor thing most shops have going on these days) so I had to go in for a bit of speedy shopping coaching.

However this did mean that on entering Topshop we spent a few minutes racing round the accessories floor at breakneck speed while she bemoaned the apparent lack of any clothing. Other than noticing in a sort of haze (as I always do when I visit Topshop) that there was amazing stock, my eye did pick out this messenger bag which I fell in love with but sadly did not have time to even touch lovingly for more than a second. As we plunged into the basement I realised why I fell in love with so quickly...it's remarkably similar to Mulberry's Alexa bag which is right up there with a 2.55 on my list of dream arm candy. Sadly, at £85, I'm about as likely to end up getting my hands on this as I am on a real Mulberry, but even so...it's nice to know the alternative's out there!

(topshop.com; jakandjil.com)

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