Monday, 19 April 2010


Why is it that if I wore khaki from head to toe in the desert like this I would either:
a) Look like I was channelling some weird female version of action man (there's probably a much better pop culture reference out there but my mum never let us watch much tv when I was little), or
b) Get tons of sand stuck to my suncream and blown into my hair in about 2 seconds?

Ah, life is so unfair.

But aside from the normal model jealousy, these are pretty great photos as far as editorials go. The general feeling has been a bit 'ah, enough of these safari shoots already', and I agree that it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes to have the same idea presented again and again in fairly similar formats. But each photographer, model and stylist brings something a bit different to every shoot which means you can appreciate every one in a different way. (Wow, I sound like an advert for diversity. It's the afterglow of a day at school where I wasn't walking around like a zombie all day from lack of sleep. It won't last...).


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