Saturday, 13 March 2010


British Vogue had some really good editorials this month (although the Kate Moss one was a tad mutton dressed as lamb-Kate looks great as she is, why airbrush her so that she looks like an 18-year-old? [Answer-because she looks fucking amazing, but she would even without digital enhancement]) but my favourite was definitely this short one with Clemence Poesy, the stunning French actress more known for her involvement in fashion than for her theatrical accomplishments. It was another of those editorials where you get a little ache inside you going 'Why, why can I not be like this?!'. Only of course you don't begrudge her any of it because, you know, it's just so beautiful. I swear, I turned over to the one of her in the hat and just sat there staring, because everything is so perfect- the sleeves, the tucked in shirt, the way the blazer is hanging open just right, the hair, the light, the blurry, so lovely.


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