Saturday, 28 August 2010


There was a post on The Sartorialist the other day about how France's cafe culture (you know: Ernest-Hemingway-style roadside eateries where you can sit for hours watching the world pass you by) has already been broken apart by the omnipresent arm of Starbucks (seriously, if we're not careful it's actually going to take over the world), and Italy will soon be following. Now, I can't exactly say yea or nay to this as I'm not an expert on the coffee culture of either country-or indeed England, while we're at it: I never ever drink coffee or tea; I just don't like it-but I do love cafes of any type where you can just go and sit and grab something to occupy your hands with and relax doing whatever you feel like doing. If you sat on a bench by yourself people would think you were a tramp, or, even worse, a loner, but sit alone in a cafe and you merely render yourself mysterious, sophisticated. (Or a victim of mass-market consumerism, if we're talking about Starbucks/Pret/Costa etc., but who's counting).

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