Monday, 2 August 2010


Some more backstage shots of the recent couture shows (you can see the rest of the photos here). Plus, I finally tracked down the infamous video where a Chanel model hid a camera in her hair and filmed a runway show-it was on the Chanel website (duh!). Actually, the Chanel website has a pretty cool collection of videos-as well as the most recent Remember Now, there's a bunch of others (many featuring the absolutely gorgeous Baptiste Whatshisname), including the one with the model-eye view of the show. (It's entitled 'Spy Camera' and is on the third page).

I think Chanel is a great example of how many fashion houses have successfully moved into the 21st century by embracing technology and the internet in a positive way. Chanel is a house with a huge amount of heritage, yet it is not hesitant about putting the intricacies of how it functions (videos of the couture fittings, ateliers feature on the site) out there for public view. In a way it's a little sad, because slowly but surely fashion is losing the element of secrecy which gives it such a magical feel (with live streaming, everyone can see the couture shows now), but of course it benefits people such as myself who are clearly not going to be seeing a couture show with their own eyes any time soon.



Ohlala Tres Belle said...

thats so cool that she had the camera in her hair! oh how I love Chanel!
I completely agree though that fashion is losing its secrecy! sigh.

V. said...

oooh wonderful shots!

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