Monday, 9 August 2010


The second week in France was spent in the Ardeches region. We stayed in a recently renovated, very simple farmhouse in little village called Lablachere (don't know how to accents on an English keyboard...). I don't have many photos from this week, as we spent it doing all sorts of active stuff-so that's walking, treetop obstacle course-ing, climbing, and 3 days kayaking! Although the area is pretty much the primary region in France for outward-bound stuff, we still managed to find areas of seclusion in which to enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the Ardeches-it was a contrast to Saint Tropez for sure, but somehow the contrast made me appreciate it all the more. Being a townie, it's not often I get to be all at one with nature etc. Makes a nice change.

(own photos: please credit)

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Luci Ana said...

Beautiful photos!!