Saturday, 7 August 2010


Phew! I just spent about 5000000 hours adding all the blogs I follow via Blogger to a new Bloglovin' account. (I kept coming across blogs I didn't even knew I followed. That was quite a nice surprise). I decided on this course of action when it became evident I was never going to catch up on all the posts I missed while in France. It was just a hopelessly futile effort. I consoled myself of the misery of this permanent gap in my fashion/blogging history by joining Bloglovin' so that next time around I can at least go through all my unread posts one by one instead of randomly reading a bit of a blog when I feel like it and then getting really panicky because I've been uncharacteristically unmethodical and can't rectify it now.

Wow. When I rationalise my thought processes like that I really sound like a freak!

Anyway, this rather rambling post is basically an advert to follow me on Bloglovin'. So follow me! I have 4 followers already (how does that not sound like an attempt at world domination?) even though I didn't realise my blog was even on Bloglovin' learn something new every day eh?

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