Sunday, 22 August 2010


Some irrational voice inside my head keeps telling me that if I keep posting photos of people in denim mini-shorts, maybe the weather will decide to ignore the whole seasons thing and stay sunny so I can wear cut-offs too. Some people go nuts about winter, and 'layering', and complain that they live in places where it's too hot to wrap themselves in shearling etc. Personally my 'winter layering' usually consists of a coat over a hoodie over a cardigan over a shirt over a t-shirt over a vest-i.e. I look like a pengiun, and waddle like one too. So really, I'd much prefer it if it was warm always.

I want to be her.



Anonymous said...

i must admit seen that way, i prefer a hot and sticky summer to a winter where i'd have to waddle! where i live (quebec), we have both. i guess wearing only shorts and a shirt is so much more relaxing than having to worry about suffocating from the layers of clothes.

Ohlala Tres Belle said...

Hahah at the waddeling like a penguin! I feel the exact same way!
I wish it could be pretty summer weather forever.

be.aoi said...

great selection of pictures!! love them all! and love denim shorts so much!