Friday, 6 August 2010


So, as promised, I've finally got round to sorting through my holiday photos. First up: Saint Tropez.

We were lucky enough to be invited to stay in some family friends' villa about 5 minutes' drive from the centre of the capital of the French Riviera-Saint Tropez! (That sentence doesn't really sound right. Does it sound strange to you? Bah, too much time off school!). The house was absolutely fantastically amazing (they're quite rich). Like, I was planning to hide in the laundry basket when our departure time came just to avoid leaving. (And yes, the laundry basket was big enough for me to hide in. I know this, because we played hide and seek and I hid there. Granted, I was found in about 2 seconds, but it would have been an ingenious plan, ok?).

Aanyway. Wow I can ramble. Sadly I spotted no celebs on my trip, but I had little internal spazzing fits at seeing all the Chanel-related spots:
-The petanque court where Chanel held their pre-Resort collection competition
-The actual waterfront street where the collection itself was held
-The cafe with bright red awnings which featured in all the front-row photos of aforemention collection
-The Chanel boutique itself, which, unlike all the other designer shops, of which there were many tucked incongruously away in tiny little side streets, was in this massive house set back from the street with a paved garden in front to keep out the commoners
Sadly no-one in my family is at all interested in fashion, so my own special form of sightseeing had to be enjoyed privately.

Other high points:
-The ice cream. Ohmygodohmygod it was insane.
-Lunch at Club 55 (which is, like, totally where all the rich and famous go to eat?).
-The market. I didn't actually buy anything, but I found this awesome stall which sold a mixture of army surplus and vintage Levi's. I would have bought loads of stuff from there, if money was no object.
-Getting invited onto Giorgio Armani's brand new private boat and zooming off into the sunset...ok, maybe not!

I chose some of my favourite photos from the visit. They're unedited, which shows how amazing the light there is! As I STILL haven't worked out how to make photos on Blogger bigger (help, anyone?!) you have to click for bigger versions.

These were fireworks for Bastille Day, which was the week we were there.

This is the pool of the friends' house. How amazing?!

How cool-personalised Armani shutters!

This is where I go all awestruck and touristy. See the red awnings in the background? That's the cafe in all the Chanel Resort collection photos! Therefore I can truly say I walked on a Chanel runway...ahh I'm cool...
(own photos-please credit)


Rebecca Rugby said...

how amazing! lovely photos :)

Steph said...

Beautiful photos :) I would love to visit St. Tropez. The south of france just seems so lovely.
As for your photo dilemma, in case you haven't worked it out yet, host your files onto a website such as flickr, and post them through html as opposed to using the blogger tools.

Hope this helps!