Saturday, 21 August 2010


I'm back, again! And I promise this is the last time I'll be saying that for a long time, unless unforeseeable circumsances force me to be absent from the country (sudden recruitment into MI6, request by Karl to model in his next campaign, etc.). But hopefully that won't be the case-after a cold, windy and often rainy week in the Isle of Wight (bar one day where I was actually able to salvage a little bit of my fast-fading French tan) I am incredibly glad to be back in London. I always miss it when I'm away, for reasons which I think only Londoners understand. Most of my friends have started trickling back too, in preparation for results (AAAAH) on Tuesday, so it's nice to think I can catch up with them over the next few days, too.

All of this feels a bit like coming to the end of something, although in reality there's still a good 2 weeks left of the summer. (Or maybe a bit less, I'm trying not to think about it!). I can't lie: the summer was a little different to how I thought it would be (much more time for introspection, much less time lying wasted in a kitchen/park-although that's probably a good thing), but it's still been a wonderful time to get to know lesser-known friends better, read a hell of a lot, spend time with my family .and just relax and sleep.

In the spirit of lazy summers, therefore, here is a selection of photos of a type of which I'm not usually keen: spontaneous-looking ones, which seem basically as if they were taken on a disposable camera by a not-so-great photographer. I'm usually a bit bored by photos in this vein, as I believe there's a time and place for them-and that place is not between the covers of a glossy fashion magazine. But for a nostalgic view of a summer almost passed, and summers still to come? There's nothing better. (More to come-check back).


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Anonymous said...

just relaxing and enjoying life is the best way to enjoy summer in my opinion!