Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Sorry for the unexplained absence-went away with the fam for a few well-needed days in the country, which luckily were blessed by beautiful weather. Photos up later, but here is a sneaky peek of where we were lucky enough to stay!

I think there was something in the water there, because I had crazy dreams-one of which was that I, along with some people from school, was invited to sit front-row at Chanel's next pre-collection show. After being mortified by the misbehaviour of my fellow classmates, who clearly didn't understand the gravity-nay, holiness-of such a situation, everyone was shocked to see that the bowing designer at the end of the show was not Karl, but his surprise successor! (Sadly, the water was not prophetic, and I don't think this usurper was actually a bona fide fashion face). I then got into chats with Michael Kors about Karl's unexpected departure, and the merits of this new collection in spite of it.


These photos are dredged from my computer at the back end of last week, when I was lacking in any inspiration and decided to lump a few unusual photos together and call it a themed photo post. (Blogger then decided to malfunction, so I went and watched tv instead and never came back to post them!).  

(be-aoi.blogspot.com; fashiongonerogue.com)


moe said...

Thanks darling!

Violetta E. said...

i love this photos :)

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

you have really cool dreams.