Saturday, 30 October 2010


It saddens me greatly to say that I'm not actually 'doing' Hallowe'en this year. Well, I didn't really 'do' it last year either. Why is it always on a Sunday? What is that? Is it to deliberately ruin the lives of all those little kiddies (and not-so-little teenagers) whose parents are all, "No no, Bob, no going out late on a school night," etc etc? Those calendar gods are meean.

Anyway, if I was going as something, because I am inherently lazy and because people in England always stick to really traditional costume ideas, I would use dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood as an excuse to get my hands on this cute duffle cape from Topshop. Kind of like Paddington Bear's coat, but not in blue.

(If you noticed the awkwardly empty bottom right corner, then you are annoying. I couldn't make everything fit in a perfect rectangle, and then I tried to cover up my lack of skill with a vaguely related background, and now I'm exhausted from the effort and am typing nonsense instead. Gotta love Saturday afternoons.)



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Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Just saw a little red riding hood today b/c some kids did Halloween today and she had her real dog in the basket :)