Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I'm well aware that my posts haven't been particularly inspired or fascinating of late, but it's just everything catching up with me towards the end of half term! And not even in a bad way, I just find that there's so much more I want to do outside the bare bones of homework now that I'm not forced to study boring and pointless subjects which sap me of all enthusiasm. (*cough* PHYSICS *cough*-sorry, say what?). Did consider not posting at all, but it's nice to keep the good old photos flowing...

My love for all things behind-the-scenes has already been well documented on this here blog. Elaborating on that well-worn theme, I'd say it's nice to see some camraderie in an industry which is notorious for its bitchiness. Plus, always seeing models in isolation on the runway or in editorials makes you forget that some of them are actually friends in real life...And it's nice to see them smile occasionally, too.

 This photo makes me lol so much. Can you say scrape?! I'm intrigued as to why he's randomly holding a broken umbrella over their heads when it doesn't even seem to be raining...Who is this guy? He made my fashion month.



Lola said...

the last picture!! incradible

Violetta E. said...

i like ;)