Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Sometimes, when I can't get to sleep or I'm bored in a lesson, I daydream about the fantasy home in which I'll one day live. Obviously this varies from day to day, but one of the recurring scenarios is a Manhattan apartment with a nice accessible rooftop up above. Sizing isn't so important-anything bigger than a walk-in wardrobe apparently costs the earth, and anyway, how much space does a person need? It only becomes a stuff receptacle-but for some reason the idea of an urban eyrie is so appealing. Think of all those classic cliches: lying on tatty blankets with friends, playing music from a stereo (never iPod speakers; how terribly un-grunge would that be?), sunbathing in your underwear...All with a panoramic view of one of the world's most famous cities.

Incidentally, my ex-boyfriend had a house with an accessible roof. Admittedly, it was only two stories high in south-west London, but even being able to see rows of terraced houses from a high vantage point was weirdly cool. His house is kind of a general rendezvous point for all our friends, and we did the whole blanket/food/music/sunbathing thing. I suppose it all plays into that whole 'starving garrett artist' thing, like Jo March in Little Women. Fun times, and one day I'll be living this specific dream.

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Nice pics!!
I hope you find the house you want.
feel free to follow us :)


Anonymous said...

wow firstly a reader from the us and now you from the uk!!! how did you get to my blog?

i looove these pictures!:)

i think it's so cute that you wrote me a comment in my native language!:) thanks!
(& btw my english is not very good as well)


Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

I had one (not accessible roof but rooftop view) when I was at school in Montreal and I used to spend so much time looking at it. When my sister visited she was like "what they heck are you doing?" but you're right it's bizarrely capturing.

discotheque confusion said...

this is such an identifiable daydream and you've summed it up perfectly!