Thursday, 21 October 2010


Yay times for you, it's half term and I'm ill so it's a return to themed photo posts!


Yeah, not that exciting really, but I thought I'd at least try. It's not even as if the so-called 'theme' is relevant at all, but it causes me almost physical pain to post tumblr-esque random photos, going against my slightly OCD nature as it does. SO. Photos of people on steps. Enjoy!

(I promise, promisepromisepromise, that there will be something which resembles a mildly intellectual, intelligent post coming soon. I remember the time when I intended this blog to be about writing. Ha! The eternal hope of the innocent.)



Margaret said...

love these :) especially the 2nd
and yep! last one :( sigh. everything seems to be shifting around with the fashion houses
thanks for all your lovely comments miss :)
p.s. balayage as in the sort of... dip-dyed hair?

Margaret said...

haha i remember you commented on a post saying 'balayage?' :) thats all x

Viv said...

gorgeous photos :)

Luci Ana said...

love these inspirations! awesome!

sundaygirl said...

I rather like the step theme, they are beautiful photos


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