Saturday, 23 October 2010


Clutches fall into the category of things I like the idea of, but find hard to incorporate into my daily life. Like day heels and healthy eating. For me, going out should be a fun experience, and I find that the experience is impinged on somewhat if one of my hands is constantly occupied in holding a small bag. For evening they take on a more useful role, as you only ever need a few things for a night out (phone, iPod, keys, Oyster card), although this usually causes me to swing the other day and walk out with my few necessities stuffed into my pockets, allowing me to use my hands for other things. (That sounded really creepy-not sure how to phrase it in a way which avoids creepiness. (How depressing-am I just naturally sinister?). But be assured, I'm not some born-again Sweeny Todd.)

Anyway, I've decided that clutches have only two uses:
1) As a red carpet accessory
2) If you're a fashion editor/general successful person who doesn't actually organise their own life, but has slaves who carry their keys etc. with them

The more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that neither of the above categories really applies to me. Heigh ho, guess it's just voluminous shoulder bags/grotty coat pockets for me...But we can still nod and smile in satisfaction at pretty clutches carried by other, less weirdly OCD people.

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Ivania said...

sooo great!
I need a big clutch
loving Elin Kling's leopard clutch

Anonymous said...

These fashionistas are giving me a run for my money. They are always so stylish. It is hard to be a fashionista. LOl