Saturday, 2 October 2010


Saw this girl, Daria C, on the new faces section. I actually don't know what to say-she's just stunning. I stared at the last photo for about 3 minutes-partly just because it's so unusual to see models looking anything other than completely po-faced. (I remember once seeing a photo of Rumi Neely smiling, and she looked so different-in a really good way. Plus all those backstage photos-there's a reason why you rethink your opinions of collections when you see the clothes being worn with vivacity and a big smile). But this girl really strikes me. Who knows if she'll go on to anything big, but nevertheless these photos made me catch my breath for a moment.

(In returning to this before posting, I realised why I like the last one so much-she looks eerily like Elena in Vampire Diaries, who I kind of want to be.)



Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Gosh she does look like her in that last one. Love that show :)

Jess said...

she is really pretty! i like the second picture

Elsa said...

She's so so pretty. Love her.