Monday, 27 September 2010


I, however, am not ready for my history lesson tomorrow, where I must hand in a lengthy essay about Alexander II which is currently 754 words long. Therefore I must love you and leave you with these photos which transcend trends, and are purely about the magic of photography and the beauty of the face.



young-shields said...

great post idea on a tight schedule! and no offence taken, thats what i like about her too. x

Jess said...

such cool pictures, love how each has different lighting.

Anonymous said...

awesome photos!

Pachi Sánchez said...

Thanks for sharing, I love the portraits, especially the first in black and white.
Regards and luck with your history lesson :)
Now "Dracula" is in the utopia blog!

supercalifragilisticespiallidocious said...

last picture just left me speechless . it's probably the first time a shot of asian eyes without double eyelids look so good (yeah we asians tend to adore double eyelids) .