Saturday, 18 September 2010


Over the summer I got fat. In my feet. I put my beloved pair of Zara biker boots on and went to Oxford Street, and I came back quite literally hobbling, and with a massive bruise on the nail of my big toe which has still not gone after over a month. Tragic, eh. I was prepared to put up with a winter walking around in sodden fake Keds (for some reason I am ridiculously picky about shoes and will only buy ones which live up to my very high expectations. I think this is a throwback to the times when me and my mum would spend literally hours trying to find a compromise between her idea of school shoes (black leather breeze blocks which would have labelled me a social misfit for eternity) and my idea of school shoes (pumps, the flimsier the better).). But then I nabbed this £18 pair of boots from...Primark!

Aren't they lovely? And such quality photos as well...

Only joking, I don't go for the whole blogger 'I'm too lazy to take proper photos of what I'm wearing' thing. Instead I choose the ultimate lazy option and take my photos in a mirror. Nice.

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