Wednesday, 15 September 2010


At the end of the holidays I was really bored one day and started taking photos in my kitchen while I was cooking soup. Although our house is ridiculously disorganised with no premeditated colour scheme or anything, I noticed while sorting through my photos that the kitchen has a lot of red in it. And then I had a brainwave. Maybe this subtle exposure to so much red in my young life (because I basically live in the kitchen) is what's caused me to have such a fascination with the colour! (Look back in the blog archives, there are sooo many red themed posts, even though I think I own one red item of clothing, which is a vest I wear for sports?) This is clearly an intensely clever psychological observation. That, or my brain is addled by lack of sleep and the shock of having to think again...

(own photos-please credit)

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Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

red's my favorite color, love it!! just watched gossip girl and loving that clemence posey is in it! also this may be really obvious, excuse me, but that was gossip girl right? because her little bulletin board looked like a serial killers not a gossip columnist.