Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I was going to call this post 'sheer genius', but then that title's already taken. Damn great minds and their tendency to think alike!

But yeah, sheer. A great 'transitional piece' (not that I really know what that means), but I'm becoming more and more attached to it after seeing multiple bloggers sporting amazing sheer blouses which hail almost unanimously from H&M or Monki. (GET AN ONLINE STORE ALREADY MONKI!!). Ahem, sorry, bit of a tickle in my throat.

I found a 'vintage blouse' the other day (English, non-poncy translation: I bought an M&S shirt from a charity shop) which is kind of sheer...ish...On the upside it has two breast pockets, on the downside it's only sheer in the sleeves and shoulders (designed for grannies, what can you expect) and has majorly ugly buttons. I would resew them except the buttonholes are huge. So my search for more sheer items continues. Any good, cheap things you've found? Send me links, seriously! I will love you forever (unless said item is sold out).

Spent this evening watching Gossip Girl and reading Love (the first issue I've bought, and while it's packed with celebrity interviews I definitely prefer Pop. Which I haven't bought yet-I'm saving it for a treat on a rainy day). Probs not the best use of my time, especially after all our teachers have been ranting at us to start doing extra curricular and even super curricular activities, as well as the obvious reading around our subjects, in order to strengthen future university applications...

So, at the expense of my higher education, enjoy these sheer stret style looks, ranging from 'just a hint of bra' to 'out-and-out, could be used as a window'. And dream of the days when it was warm enough to go out wearing hot pants and a tank top.

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supercalifragilisticespiallidocious said...

we great minds do think alike indeed . i was going to post a purely sheer post and half the pictures i was going to use , you already posted up here . so i guess we're on an equal level of greatness now . or maybe you're a tad greater coz you have a sheer blouse and i have none .

The Photodiarist said...

Love these sheer looks.