Sunday, 5 September 2010


There is a third photo which I wanted to post so badly-it's the same Gaultier dress as the Tim Walker photo, in an editorial from the FT How To Spend It magazine which I tore out about a year ago and could have sworn I'd scanned onto the computer...Now I can't find it and it's annoying me ridiculous amounts, especially as I have a really OCD system of organisation for all my fashion photos which is meant to prevent these kind of INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING and fruitless searches. Ah wellll. There isn't even a point to this post, except the dresses are really similar with that gauze on the shoulders.

Now I'm off to attend to my homework. Sixth Form is great so far (all 4 days of it!) but I'm really not used to actually having work; I kinda coasted GCSEs...Could be an interesting year.

(own scans)


Elo said...

Merci pour ton message! ; )
Trés joli blog!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

really awesome pictures

Second Wind photography said...

oh wow, i love the picture of the cover so much!!!