Sunday, 5 September 2010


People are so rude about 'the youth of today'. We, supposedly, listen to rubbish music, have no sense of morals and...have sold our souls to Facebook. Well, I suppose the last is true. I by no means spend hours on it each day, but it is definitely a useful social tool, whatever my father may mutter about it being mindless and a cause for the deterioration of society and, oh yes, if I actually read those terms and conditions I would realise I've signed away the rights to my future privacy...('Yeah yeah,' I reply dismissively, 'whatever, tomorrow is another day, and if I'm such a degenerate youth as you make me out to be I'm clearly not going to actually bother to read those terms and fact...reading? What is that? I only do tv. Big Brother, preferably.' This is clearly how I am, the whole time).

No, but seriously. Facebook is good for some things. For example-these photos are from various photo albums of one of my friends, who it appears has rather an eye for photography. I'm aware they're rather summery in theme, and therefore violate my 'go autumn' frame of mind to a certain extent, but they're really good and I wanted to share.


Ali said...

You friend does indeedy have an eye! I like the one of the umbrella and the birds the best. :)

Pachi Sánchez said...

Fantastic, thanks for sharing!
Love it!
I invite you to my utopia
Regards from Madrid.