Saturday, 4 September 2010


Check out ma swagg. This month I started paying for all my clothes myself, so I made sure I bought my winter coats while my parents were still funding my high street habit! Coat shopping is one of my favourite types (especially this season, when coats are a major part of any shop's collection), especially as it gives you something to look forward to about the crappy weather coming.

Exhibit A-Topshop 'ultimate' pea coat. (Haha, that still cracks me up).



Exhibit B-River Island faux leather aviator jacket. (My first piece of online clothes shopping, apart from like Mini Boden when I was 5.) It almost killed me when I got to the Oxford Street Topshop and realised the jacket I saw back at the start of August was gone, but this one is still great and was a good £50 or so cheaper, so I suppose all's well that ends well!



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madelene said...

I never thought anyone would ever ask me how my english become so good!? That's so funny to hear, you can't imagine!
I hope in some ironic way that I will catch a code or someting so I can spend houres in front of the computer without thinking about homework or other things that are doing life busy. It was nice talking to you. Hugs.