Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I can't believe it. After months of looking forward to the summer, of dreaming of endless balmy evenings spent with friends in dusky parks, the days have begun to shorten and it's back to school for me as of tomorrow. Is there a more depressing feeling in the world than the end of freedom? (Actually, don't answer that).

So, in honour of this last day of summer (and thankfully it is actually a beautiful day, for once-I bet we now have a 3-week-long Indian summer which I'll have to spend stuck inside) here is my last summer photo post. After a point, living denial just becomes ridiculous, and I am as partial to a nice bit of shearling and layering as much as the next person; nevertheless, I am definitely a summer person, and every time I wear my denim cut-offs in persistent defiance over the next few weeks, it'll be tinged with sadness as I wonder if it's for the last time until next spring.

So here it is: summer 2010's last hurrah. Enjoy.


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Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Great photos but I love fall and I really can't wait to see what autumn photos you have to post up! Good luck at school :)