Saturday, 18 September 2010


Some people want to be famous for the money. Some want it for the people you meet, the parties you're invited to, the places you go. If I did want fame (which I don't, not really-or at least not in the typical Hollywood way) it would all be about the clothes. Or more specifically, the red carpet dresses. I wouldn't feel pressured to lose weight and work out all day and night, because my legs would constantly be hidden beneath swathes of silk/chiffon/tulle/other luxurious dress fabrics. I actually love floor sweeping gowns so much-whenever I go through the runway shows adding looks to my album, anything ankle length and remotely glamorous gets added immediately, regardless of the dress's actual merits. To me, they are reminiscent of a lost age (see the first photo, from some random coffee table book I found at home about Hollywood in the 19-somethings) and immediately add elegance and regality to the wearer. Of course, it's interesting to see gowns styled alternatively in editorials, but for real life there's nothing like Oscar-worthy jewels and a Monroe-red lip to transform an ordinary girl into a princess.

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Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Gosh these are cool. I wish these were functional for everyday wear :)

Luci Ana said...

all these are wonderful, I love!

Romany said...

It's an interesting issue, isn't it? The whole fame thing. It's kind of scary how young'uns these days (haha, I myself am only 19) are incredibly concerned about being famous and nothing else. Which is why I've never had the guts to watch an episode of Jersey Shore (weird, I know).
Anyhoo. These are just lovely. Usually I shy away from floor-length, but I'm sure that Dior couture gown could do a lot to change my mind. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi there

This post was interesting, how long did it take you to write?

Just Another Londoner said...

Not long, I think! Glad you enjoyed it.