Saturday, 29 January 2011


Dear Zara,
Why is your stuff so perfect? Please transfer your minimalist magic from your clothing to me and I will have to make an effort in life ever again. Cheers. Also, I need that leather skirt. And the black trousers. Aaand the brown coat. And theparkathejeanstheshortsthetshirtthedresses. See, only four things! I'm so undemanding.



Luci Ana said...

Zara! This is perfect!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

While we're asking Zara things if they could lower their prices and stop vanity sizing so I could have more from them that would be perfection.

supercalifragilisticespiallidocious said...

zara has reaaally stepped it up recently and became so perfect in doing minimal (minus their pricing that is , like rebecca from see you in sweden has mentioned) (but oh , which big brand doesnt overprice) .

Julie and Lauren said...

Couldn't agree more! Love Zara. That little leather skirt is amazing and they have a cute red version as well!

Bex said...

Oh Zara and their incredible coats. I looove their coats. And yes, ditto to what Rebecca from See You in Sweden said.