Monday, 3 January 2011


I didn't spend much time reflecting on the past year, or the upcoming one-my New Year's Eve was spent in St Mark's Square dodging creepy Italian men who were after a midnight kiss. (Apparently in Italy this is the main point of NYE-the fireworks were only an afterthought, coming behind even the free alcohol, and going off at about 5 past midnight. If you were setting your clock by them you'd have been 5 minutes out for the whole year.)

But coming back to England, and my friends, and the blogsphere, I did slightly regret not having spent a few minutes to think of some good intentions for the next 12 months. To a certain extent I think a New Year is a fresh start, just as every Monday morning is another chance to change things a bit-human nature needs a fulcrum about which to hang their hopes; we can't just change without an impetus. (Or am I just projecting onto the rest of the human race...?). But I think the idea of creating a whole new set of principles-I will go to the gym every day, I will give up chocolate, I will not argue with my siblings/parents/partner ever again-is silly and a waste of time. Of course you're never going to do that-the change of one digit in the calendar isn't going to drastically alter your nature in such a way that you won't beat yourself up every time you choose to watch Friends reruns instead of schlepping out into the cold to hit the treadmill.

Still, it's nice to think of a few superficial aims to guide you through the inevitable low points. I think one of mine should be to stop being so lazy about my clothes, and start dressing in the way I know I would if I could actually be bothered. (Har har, she says this while wearing trackies and a dressing gown at 6pm). But seriously-I like simple dressing, and I know my style because on good days I wear it and feel perfect, so it's just laziness which prevents me from wearing it in. (Geddit? Geddit? Oh the hilarity). So, inspired by this post, I hereby promise to make more of an effort to expand my collection of plain tees, loose-fitting jerseys and skinny trousers, while reducing the amount of time I spend in my beloved trackies/pjs. Amen.

And what about you? How were your New Years? Have you made any resolutions, stylistic or otherwise?



Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

maybe if you post outfits it would force you to put the trackies back in the wardrobe ;)

i don't have new years resolutions, i kind of decide to try to change thigns randomly, b/c you're right people don't change just b/c it's the new year.

i have been so busy i still haven't watched misfits but i have literally had the link you sent "tacked" to my browser and I have a day off tomorrow so I will be watching it finally!

Sofia said...

Happy New Years!!
I love reading your blog posts, they're always very interesting :)

Julie and Lauren said...

Love the pics you chose. To a big 2011!