Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I am sick and tired of being ill (I've had a cold since Boxing Day-how is that even possible?!)-everything sounds permanently distant, like I've got earplugs in, and I feel tired 5 seconds after waking up. Grrr. But school starts tomorrow, wahey! There's something to cheer me up!

...Har har, who am I kidding.

I have noticed of late a slight resurgence of 90s grunge in my photo files. Well, like 90s grunge insofar as the flat shoes and baggy clothes are concerned, but, as these are the...'10s? Teenies? there is of course more polish and thought invested in the artfully ripped tights and tousled hair. Call it grunge 2.0.

(own scan-please credit;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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