Thursday, 27 January 2011


What can I say; words fail me.

Well, not really-how uncharacteristic would that be? But it has been a long, long time since a fashion show captured my imagination and gave me butterflies like this. (I just deleted a whole section because honestly my thoughts are not yet calm enough to make coherent sense. I'm not sure that sentence even made sense).

I'm sure everyone has seen the standard face-on shots already (why do they not take photos from behind? Seeing a dress from the front only allows you to see half of its total worth; even the measly torso shots below add a wealth of extra detail and dimension to the already-amazing front-on view), but the ones below are rather mysterious with the black background and the enigmatic back view, so I thought they were worth a repost.

Apologies for this drivel-I wanted to write something while my reactions to this show were still fresh. I know I haven't posted much recently (I lost a follower-awkward...)-partly because of work, but I also don't think it's worth posting random photos for the sake of it, rather than because they're things I'm interested in and want to share. And then something like Elie Saab's genius comes along and reminds you all over again why we all love fashion.



Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

wow, freaking awesome. i always want to see the back too- sometimes the whole point is the back!

chuck n. said...

i must agree, seeing the back of a look definitely does add a new admirable perspective to the garment.

"but I also don't think it's worth posting random photos for the sake of it", i also live by that rule.

and loosing a follower is so weird, when that happened to me i was just like: do i suck that much?