Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Rebecca from See You In Sweden came up with a genius way of kicking my trackies habit-by taking photos of my outfits, i.e. being motivated by shame. She is so clever. (And also very sweet, look at her blog). So! Although I have an aversion to photos of my own face (hence the downwards stare and crossed arms, also my house is very cold), my clothes from today:

Shirt-mum's cupboard
Boots-River Island
Scarf-some shop in China (my dad bought it)

But onwards to very much more important things. Look at my very late birthday present!! I found it on impulse in the Harrods sale. (My family still has a tradition of going to visit Father Christmas there every year; it has moved beyond embarrassing and has now got to the stage where all 10 of us (my family and another-the youngest child is now 10) openly take the piss. It's amazing.)

I've never been very keen on satchels before, imagining that having a bag bumping against the back of your thigh would be almost annoying as having a small child attached to your leg, but actually it's not at all impeding and allows you to use both hands when you're out and about. Plus, it was £400 cheaper than the Bayswater, which has been my dream bag since forever, but which has recently risen to an extortionate £650 for no apparent reason (probably because they realised that their brand was becoming more popular). Although you can find it for £550 in Heathrow Terminal 5-ssssssh!

(The orange/pink blur below is not a weird feature of the bag, but an empty cookie packet from Sainsbury's. They have colourful packaging.)

(own photos-please credit)

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Bonnie said...

It's cute!!! I really like the bag.