Thursday, 20 January 2011


I should apologise for my sporadic posting this past fortnight; my grandfather passed away recently, and yesterday was his funeral. While I wasn't especially close to him, any death affects the family to a certain extent and so I've had other things to think about than blogging. I doubt he even knew what the internet was, let alone blogging, but nevertheless I would like to briefly mention him here, for I loved him in the way everyone loves their grandparents, even if now after his death I feel there was so much more I should have asked him.

Philosophical musings are perhaps not what people read this here blog for; but of course there are certain events which make you stop and take stock now and again. For me, the sea is emblematic of such periods. Not only do I find water fascinating (not in a scientific way-in a 'whenever we went to a park I would always spend the whole time by the water features' way!) but to me its depth, mystery-we know more about space than we do about some parts of our oceans-and limitless possibilites are awe inspiring and comforting in their wildness. I take solace in the sea, even if it's just by looking at photos, and whenever I'm on the coast I can spend hours wandering around beaches, no matter what the conditions are.

I sometimes think that to have lived in a Pirates of the Caribbean era, when you never knew what you might find over the next horizon, must have been one of the most exciting times in human history. There's a scene in the second one when Tom Hollander's character (I wrote that because I couldn't bring myself to write 'Lord Cutler Beckett' while still retaining a shred of self-esteem...but then again I'm already talking about a pirate film sooo...) is having a mural of the world painted on his wall, and he remarks that the world is growing smaller and smaller; soon there will be no unknowns to explore. I have an almost constant nostalgia for sort of Lord of the Rings/Arthurian quests, and it saddens me that we live in a world where any remote place can be explored by Google Maps. Perhaps the ocean holds such an allure because it is one place yet unexplored; where anything we care to imagine might really happen.

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Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

I just love the ocean too and you came up with some beautiful pictures. Sorry for your loss.

chuck n. said...

my condoleances.

when looking at pictures of horizons, i enjoy getting lost in the total omnipresence of water