Tuesday, 22 February 2011


First and foremost, apologies for my unexplained absence of almost a month. (How did that happen?!). Nothing life-threatening or life-changing has come my way; just a killer combination of school, French exchange, rowing, life in general which has served to disconnect me somewhat from the fashion world.

But I'm not sure that wasn't a good thing. Sometimes the way fashion is constantly moving ononon is a bit tiring, to be honest; I know it's the nature of the beast, but I'm just starting to enjoy winter and wearing my new boots, and suddenly they want us to start thinking about spring-and even next winter! Wait-what? I've still got couture to look at! And pre-fall! Gah!

So having a little break from the blogsphere has been quite nice, really. Now I feel like I can start looking at the A/W '11 collections at my own pace, without getting snippets and pre-formed opinions from other people's posts-and generally just reigniting my interest in fashion as and when I feel like it.

Just two more things to say, peeps:
1. Vogue UK was really quite good this month (see below)
2. Bloglovin has a sneaky method of deleting posts which I can't work out, but which is most mysterious. I've been absent for 3 weeks, and my number of unread posts has decreased. Strange eh?
Anything else I should know about? Some crazy new subversive trend? Evil eyes between Carine and Emmanuelle at NYFW? Let me know!



Bex said...

I know what you mean about fashion moving so fast, it's hard to see what we're supposed to be wearing during winter when I'm still wearing clothes for winter. I've also pretty much given up on catching up with New york, may just start with London!


Anonymous said...

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